COD Warzone Invisible God Mode Glitch needs to be fixed ASAP!

17. dec. 2020
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Call of Duty Warzone has a nasty Invisible and God mode glitch that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. There are some things you can do to try and stop it until it gets patched though. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

  • Update: This glitch has been temporarily fixed by removing the new attack helicopters from the game.

    jackfragsjackfragsPred mesecem
    • No it has not been fixed. It is back in 2021. I have had it many times.

      To BiTo BiPred 3 dnevi
    • Literally every match.

      Alex TothAlex TothPred mesecem
    • Jack what is your opinion on the 20 tick servers for COD, why can't there be more than 20 tick? Would make a better experience

      Stuart McFaddenStuart McFaddenPred mesecem
    • @David Colbert lmao

      DominicronDominicronPred mesecem
    • We ran into another invisible team after the "fix"

      David ColbertDavid ColbertPred mesecem
  • I've just lost Quads to this shit... we are not good but we had 30+ kills together... Im angry because of these players....

    Jakub KašparJakub KašparPred 9 dnevi
  • Thx

    Spaida PhoneSpaida PhonePred 20 dnevi
  • I just died when he mentioned that tutorials have already been made for that glitch. People are just unstoppable.

    AmineAminePred 27 dnevi
  • The whole game feels different. Why does Infinity Ward consistently ruin good things by upgrading them for no reason. Nobody fucking asked for this. Make the game tbe way it was. If I wanted to play Cold War, I would have bought CW. Fuck off, srsly.

    Pro DucedPro DucedPred mesecem
  • they say it's john Cena but it's Drax all along

  • A glitch isn’t cheating it’s exploiting and you can’t get banned for it 💀

    G. santosG. santosPred mesecem
  • My best friend and I came across this. Very annoying glitch go say the least. Probably the worst one I've seen in warzone. I'm not gonna be playing much until they fix it

    Thor LThor LPred mesecem
  • I love the exploit lmao got over 80 wins in a day 🤣🤣

    Oswaldo Maximo Jimenez CortesOswaldo Maximo Jimenez CortesPred mesecem
    • That’s amazing

      kamanewtrakamanewtraPred mesecem
  • I didn’t even mind this to much I just wanna be able to get a load out without gettin stuck

    logan sullivanlogan sullivanPred mesecem
  • Dudes Pissed! I don't blame em!

    SchmidtySchmidtyPred mesecem
  • you should be able to shoot down uavs in warzone.

    Ching ChongChing ChongPred mesecem
  • John Cena has caused this mess...

    Gavin BenGavin BenPred mesecem
  • “You can’t see me.” - John Cena

    Gavin BenGavin BenPred mesecem
  • Anyone else feel like the game has been really hard since the new season started? I was usually good for like a win or two a night and I think I’ve had one since the update

    LMLE 25LMLE 25Pred mesecem
    • Ya somthing is not right in verdansk

      kamanewtrakamanewtraPred mesecem
  • I just ran into one glitcher with the choppers disabled... And we were final circle and we died from gas... Cod sucks at updates/patches

    Will StopkaWill StopkaPred mesecem
  • New glitch on warzone found SLworldsrs: moar content

    Mario JuarezMario JuarezPred mesecem
  • Thanks to all fucking youtube gamers for destroying all the games ever

    Netko PosebanNetko PosebanPred mesecem
  • me and my mate dropped rebirth and just blew the helos up and it turned out to be a fun game! got the win as well!

    Tetahi WikaireTetahi WikairePred mesecem
  • Its patched they removed the helis with the minigun

  • dont report players using this glitch -just about every youtuber has either tried it or got thousands of view from talkin about it. let us AVERAGE players have some fun IF we cant even get it to work!-just sayin.

    Andrew ClackAndrew ClackPred mesecem
  • BO3 too

    Valentin De GermanieValentin De GermaniePred mesecem
  • 1:23 chrono max?

    Dacoda 82Dacoda 82Pred mesecem
  • it got fixed with the removal of the mini guns yesterday's update! and haven't seen any other god mode glitches

    Ray DenofreoRay DenofreoPred mesecem
  • How TF does a video like this get 335+ dislikes? Are people that upset that Jack doesn't have to use game-breaking glitches to get wins?

    Mr DOOMTREEMr DOOMTREEPred mesecem
  • Im just going to destroy the heli asap lol

    Sir TonkSir TonkPred mesecem
  • "report them" no Mr frags just no I'm not playing a game where players are banned for using an exploit the devs created piss off mate

    LeonLeonPred mesecem
    • Lol, you're obviously on of those noobs.. get good nerd

      BramDKBramDKPred mesecem
  • I love how jack says “ if you didn’t, dislike”

    Joel TJoel TPred mesecem
  • are zombies back on warzone???!!

    theeroomtheeroomPred mesecem
  • Trust me when i say this, jack has the best content

    Big bang 1Big bang 1Pred mesecem
  • I'll use the glitch and still come last

    Diego gonzalezDiego gonzalezPred mesecem
  • They took of the helicopters until they fix the problem

    ally wallyally wallyPred mesecem
  • What is rebirth ???

    ally wallyally wallyPred mesecem
  • the guy with invisiblity killed mine entire team aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww

    Ktoś OśKtoś OśPred mesecem
  • the game also stutters as heck, not only warzone but the base game modern warfare is laggy as hell right now, it's like they swapped servers or something or made the optimization worse

    ChillPotatoChillPotatoPred mesecem
  • Everyone land and destroy helicopters

    CapeCapePred mesecem
  • I was killed 2 time by invisible a-holes . Pisses me off.

    CapeCapePred mesecem
  • This and getting stuck unable to move when you get your loadout, happens regularly and the only way to move again is to be downed. It’s surprising how people just don’t spot you standing still at the loadout, you can be stuck there for ages!

    APAPPred mesecem
  • I got 28 kills with it... had a great time lolz

    The ManDragonThe ManDragonPred mesecem
  • the fixed it

    BarryBabyTVBarryBabyTVPred mesecem
  • i just meet with invisble guy also he was using wall hack ....fucker cant watch through wall

    fireballsfireballsPred mesecem
  • Watch out for drax.

    agah kenechiagah kenechiPred mesecem
  • Had a match with 3 people on 3 different teams uses this at 11th circle

    ..........Pred mesecem
  • Just get rid of the helicopters until they fix it.... they did it before

    DISASTEPIECE52493DISASTEPIECE52493Pred mesecem
  • It's already patched

    Andrew CastroAndrew CastroPred mesecem
  • Got fixed in a patch

    Kushagra MishraKushagra MishraPred mesecem
  • I thought it was weird when the tracker foot prints showed up in front of me before I got headshot out of no where

    Transformer 4445 1o1Transformer 4445 1o1Pred mesecem
  • Why do people call these glitches? Glitch is a short, temporary malfunction of a system, many times caused by an external factor. These are not glitches, simply bugs, hence mistake or oversight the developers made. No need for euphemisms...

    OszkarOszkarPred mesecem
  • Couldnt locking missiles be a newly integral part of your load out until the glitch is fixed

    John SorellJohn SorellPred mesecem
  • You sound a little sick mate

    gabengabenPred mesecem
  • “I’m not gonna show you how to do it, but it involves the new helicopter on the new map”. What kind of lame dick thing is this to say with 3m subscribers? The entire script minus that line was great. Why did you have to still direct people to the exploit while pretending some kind of moral high ground by saying you wouldn’t say.....? C’mon Jack looking in-the-know isn’t worth all that, is it?

    MechadieMechadiePred mesecem
  • Did they fix it?

    Cosmic EditsCosmic EditsPred mesecem
  • they should do that if you die in the new heli as crash or any source, it should be straight gulag

    xGhost DusTxxGhost DusTxPred mesecem

    yEaRiGhTiSSiKyEaRiGhTiSSiKPred mesecem
  • Why is it called season 1 anyways?

    Short CakeShort CakePred mesecem
  • The juggernaut glitch and the addition of those unbalanced Cold War guns did this game in for me. This new glitch was the “nail in the coffin” for me

    Dirty CommentDirty CommentPred mesecem
  • I haven't seen a bug like that since resistance on ps3

    andytang04andytang04Pred mesecem

    Rodrigo A. BarriaRodrigo A. BarriaPred mesecem
  • Got my first freaking duo win tonight! And not because of the glitch

    aojohn2aojohn2Pred mesecem
  • Between the hackers, exploiters and sniper or R90 campers the game is utterly un playable

    Thomas MearingThomas MearingPred mesecem
  • been trying to snag both helos with the bois to send them out to sea while our last mate stays alive so we can get back on him

  • Seen like 5 people in one game doing this shit plus uav doesn't pick some up then they'll show up on the second pulse then disappear again 🙄

    JJJJPred mesecem
  • i accidentally did the glitch in warzone trying to do one of the challenges for the rebirth event and didn’t notice i was invisible i thought i was a god till at the end of the game i saw my character not appearing

    NubKatNubKatPred mesecem
  • They removed the helis

    SuperspyguysSuperspyguysPred mesecem
  • I just found out this bug in last 1v1 in Warzone match 🤦

    Sandeep RatiyaSandeep RatiyaPred mesecem
  • We came second to someone who was doing that glitch, was nuts because we was like are we going mad, could hear but couldn’t see

    JoeJoePred mesecem
  • I miss zombies lol

    Nick McLeanNick McLeanPred mesecem
  • This video was a bit late to the party, it had already been sorted before this video went live.

    Lee UppertonLee UppertonPred mesecem
  • That's why the minigun helis are out of the game. I get it now

    Inferno9xInferno9xPred mesecem
  • They do this on purpose so everyone rages/rants on about it and makes content about it, makes more people jump on exploiting these glitches. Win win for them.

    RoyzaGamingRoyzaGamingPred mesecem
  • You should show people how to do it, so more people do it and COD takes notice

    MrLincoln87MrLincoln87Pred mesecem
  • Got melee'd by drax yesterday and was so confused

    JJPred mesecem
  • And ban the cocksuckers who’ve been using the glitch

    NeoKinsbaileNeoKinsbailePred mesecem
  • Totally agree JACK this needs to be fixed asap, people intentionally using this to get a win is really annoying and it saps all the fun out of this game. love the content mate keep it up, legend

    Brian PeakBrian PeakPred mesecem
  • No, I just found out about this glitch, have yet to do it. I just want invisibility and troll people with haunted doors rofl or jump in front of a moving vehicle and give someone the kill

    Aedan LizardiAedan LizardiPred mesecem
  • I totally agree fix this shit

  • Stopped playing the second I encountered it. Not playing if it’s that easy to do

    Tom EstherTom EstherPred mesecem
  • This happened to me every time I played the new map and game mode last night!

    jason funderburgjason funderburgPred mesecem
  • It looks like stim glitch is back or something similar, guys just won by staying in gas until all of the final team choked

    poopshecpoopshecPred mesecem
  • I discovered it yesterday by complete accident and looked it up to find that people had already been doing it for hours.

    BentMenuBentMenuPred mesecem
  • John Cena needs to be arrested asap for cheating.

    Zamasu did 911Zamasu did 911Pred mesecem
  • This is worse than the jus glitch at least u can see them and fight back

    shornrio taylorshornrio taylorPred mesecem
  • They changed the helys back to the normal ones

    Stephy StephStephy StephPred mesecem
  • Dis why I stopped playing and only watch people play who have to deal with it for me. lol

    MrJordyboyMrJordyboyPred mesecem
  • err if it is so easy to do and players have found it by accident, I wouldn't want to have glitched unknowingly, be reported and banned because of it. If this is related to a new feature they should disable that feature until they have patched it.

    mctonalemctonalePred mesecem
  • Chuck Norris has joined the lobby.

    Luke WalkerLuke WalkerPred mesecem
  • I dont know what you say guys, but those invisible ghosts spawn heart sprays in front of me. I think they like me 😂

    Κώστας ΜαρπίνηςΚώστας ΜαρπίνηςPred mesecem
  • I know I used the jug Easter egg to get easy wins. But I’d never stoop to this level😓

    Chase SkrockiChase SkrockiPred mesecem
  • One for the algorithm

    SnoopWeed420SnoopWeed420Pred mesecem
  • If people complained about the way we get into matches and the type and skill of players so we don’t have to play swear lobby’s 24/7 people would abuse things like this as much

    Dalton BirminghamDalton BirminghamPred mesecem
  • M. U. T. E. protocol

    Copper 29Copper 29Pred mesecem
  • Yeah I had to stop playing, it was happening in every game last night for me.

    tasidar3tasidar3Pred mesecem
  • Did they patch this yet?

    NikoManeNikoManePred mesecem
  • Well Jack, they listened to you. Everything.

    AatonAAatonAPred mesecem
  • Who didn’t see this coming??? 😂

    StoicSmileStoicSmilePred mesecem
  • Is footstep sounds fixed in this game?

    GenieGeniePred mesecem
  • Fkn hell, this is not surprising at all

    BranzeeGamingBranzeeGamingPred mesecem
  • They have already removed the heli's with guns, to stop the glitch.

    Jack PainJack PainPred mesecem
  • im convinced that all these bugs like stim glitch, invisible man, and the infinite jugs, among others, are left in the game on purpose so the devs can have some laughs before the community shits their collective pants and screams at IW/T to fix them.

    Skyler BrownSkyler BrownPred mesecem
  • Its been fixed. Helicopters removed until they can remedy the issue.

    PackadapodPackadapodPred mesecem