World War 2 Machine Gunner! - Hell Let Loose

4. dec. 2020
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Being a World War 2 machine gunner in Hell Let Loose is a great experience. Checking out the new update, map and more. FPS is a lot better now. Playing with @Two Angry Gamers TV Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

  • this game its fun ONLY AND ONLY if you play in a squad where there`s communication, other than that is shit

    DCDCPred 12 urami
  • This game is Un-matched for the immersive experience you get.

    Pr7zPr7zPred 3 dnevi
  • How are you soooo goooood. Ahhh. Jack do you have a discord so some of us can play/train with you on hll?

    Karla SuarezKarla SuarezPred 9 dnevi
    • Also oops I’m on my fiancé’s SLworlds haha. I’m not very good at tactical FPS but I’m trying real hard haha.

      Karla SuarezKarla SuarezPred 9 dnevi
  • As a machine gunner most of the times you shoot dirt ,bricks, trees and markers or you get instantly killed when you peak , but very rarely you find position that is so good you mow down entire squads .

    FnbreFnbrePred 11 dnevi
  • What is the name of this game?

    Duke NukhemDuke NukhemPred 14 dnevi
  • I used to play this ever night. Need to get into it again.

    Internet In ReviewInternet In ReviewPred 16 dnevi
  • This game is nice but there are so many hackers sadly

    sgttordsgttordPred 19 dnevi
  • So glad they've been trying to optimize the game, it was almost unplayable with a 1070, i7 7700k (and with an R5 3600) and 32gb Ram. The game was finally smooth when I got my R9 5900X but frames still fluctuated a lot. Haven't played since late November though, so with the new optimization and now having a 3080 it should run now XD

    Zodiac011Zodiac011Pred 20 dnevi
  • Just had my first ok game on hell let loose at 7 to 7 and all captures

    Landon SmithLandon SmithPred 21 dnevom
  • I got this game yesterday to play with some friends, and its great, I love it so much. I think my favorite time as a machine gunner was when I had crawled onto a roof, it was like a half roof so the other side was basically a wall, and I set up my gun there and was just mowing down everyone, I could see behind their cover so they couldn't do anything. Then my reign of terror ended when I was bombed.

    Cthulhu ManCthulhu ManPred 24 dnevi
  • How is posible the super zoom? I haven't

    hermosotealonsohermosotealonsoPred 29 dnevi
  • This game is a blast they just need to optimize it better

    CovvardiceCovvardicePred mesecem
  • Love this game. The hardcore gameplay and the teams setup make it really enjoyable.

    keithkoolkeithkoolPred mesecem
  • Forest: Bitrate: ᵃˡʳⁱᵍʰᵗ ⁱᵐᵐᵃ ʰᵉᵃᵈ ᵒᵘᵗ

    xZiiRx4KiinGsxZiiRx4KiinGsPred mesecem
  • What settings are you running the game runs no were near this good on my computer and I have a beatly computer

    MatrixOfDoomMatrixOfDoomPred mesecem
  • MORE!!!!

    Mhm MnkMhm MnkPred mesecem
  • Is there a bullet drop in the game?

    Mr VMr VPred mesecem
    • Uhm yes?

      DestoryDestoryPred mesecem
  • This game reminds me a lot of brother in arms atmosphere and I love it so much!

    AFireballinTheSkyAFireballinTheSkyPred mesecem
  • New consuls need games like this:((

    Ty MorrisonTy MorrisonPred mesecem
  • Is this game on console?

    BWA DylanBWA DylanPred mesecem
    • @Destory damn

      BWA DylanBWA DylanPred mesecem
    • Nöpe

      DestoryDestoryPred mesecem
  • I wish this game was out on ps4

    Blake AttrillBlake AttrillPred mesecem
  • When i play this game i cant see shit

    Tonald J. DrumpTonald J. DrumpPred mesecem
  • i'm away until new year. its Hell being away from this great game. cant wait to Let Loose again. cheers.

    conny lakeconny lakePred mesecem
  • Did anyone else have trouble watching the video because it looked very blurry and just like crap the whole time???

    Jayson WeberJayson WeberPred mesecem
    • No Not by me

      Patrick LPatrick LPred mesecem
  • 0:33 weird

    andynethesurfandynethesurfPred mesecem

    JonkoTijnJonkoTijnPred mesecem
  • Except the server population sucks, the community isn't great, people troll, or just flail like lemmings, I mean it's worse than BF community by a stretch. Nothing to attract me to play this game. Can't join one server with randos and have even a decent time.

    Robert DentonRobert DentonPred mesecem
  • BEAUTIFUL bedlam!

    Kevin PhillipsKevin PhillipsPred mesecem
  • german side is too op now, kar 98 is what equaled it but they have mp40, stg44, like an 8x scope on sniper vs usa 2-4x. mg44 is way better than browning and their tanks are unstoppable. now that the m1 garand for usa is worse than the kar, every match ive played as usa we lose and every time german we win. plus the tommy gun takes like 5-7 shots to kill someone.

    t jt jPred mesecem
  • i'd want a kill counter as how the hell do you know you kill anyone? asking for people who are shit at FPS games now (used to be good when i was younger)

    kanedNunablekanedNunablePred mesecem
    • If you are not sure you killed someone, keep count in scoreboards personal stats where you see your kills. Really easy way to confirm.

      W4RP F1nnladW4RP F1nnladPred 27 dnevi
  • Platoon leader: “PRIVATE I NEED YOU TO POP SMOKE!!!” Me: *Gets up during firefight* “She said what you know bout love? I got what you need”

    Skid SkidSkid SkidPred mesecem
  • What game is this?

    AxlRose GRAxlRose GRPred mesecem
  • More of these please

  • Jackfrags: they boosted the frames but we still want a little more. Me playing on a toaster: I wish i had those frames.

    Drunk _YetiDrunk _YetiPred mesecem
  • HLL is a great sim

    Jordan DryerJordan DryerPred mesecem
  • great clip.. burst into laughter 2:10 "do the bullets go that far" *DING* headshot on the friendly good shooting jack. You're a natural lol.

    TwiztedTwiztedPred mesecem
  • This game is 9/10

    thegatesofsleepthegatesofsleepPred mesecem
  • why is everyone you play against so shitty?

    sad catsad catPred mesecem
  • "How" is an apt name for jacks squad...

    inflatablewolfieinflatablewolfiePred mesecem
  • Sounds like war, looks like war, must be war m8 paintball.

    BattleWrenchBattleWrenchPred mesecem
  • It's a good game but looks horrible.

    Daniel KrálDaniel KrálPred mesecem
  • Would love to see more gameplay of this, especially with your friends playing with you

    Noah HessNoah HessPred mesecem
  • MORE!

    A&J SoccerGamingA&J SoccerGamingPred mesecem
  • Game looks good but £25 for a early access is a bit steep

    CDroneCDronePred mesecem
  • Hell let loose has one of the worst communities there is.

    eraldorheraldorhPred mesecem
  • Headshots are the most satisfying sounds

    ExpiredExpiredPred mesecem
  • I wish it was made for new xbox

    Manny RamosManny RamosPred mesecem
  • Oooof, what's with the compression in this video? Even going up to 1440p doesn't help. Everything in the forest around 6:00 looks smeared and blocky. You using a new codec, jack?

    InVaderInVaderPred mesecem
  • I thought 💭 this was battlefield lol

    Chevy SilveradoChevy SilveradoPred mesecem
  • 1:20 you could say it's... Hell let loose

    Jonathan BernabeJonathan BernabePred mesecem
  • Jack what was the music you used throughout the video? Very fitting. Regardless great video as always. Keep it up and stay safe out there friend.

    The NekavandreThe NekavandrePred mesecem
  • Do you think a 1050 can run this game?

    Salvo CastiglioneSalvo CastiglionePred mesecem
  • Jack: 'Has that scared them?' Tommy: 'Yup' XD Great vid Jack

    Rasky SO2Rasky SO2Pred mesecem

    carlos Ramoscarlos RamosPred mesecem
  • Jack - Check Hell Let Loose - Check Instant Like - Check

    Mason KuehlerMason KuehlerPred mesecem
  • This game is quickly becoming one of my favorite titles in my library.

    Randy FiglehornRandy FiglehornPred mesecem
  • Terrible graphics taking performance into consideration

    GoldenKappaGoldenKappaPred mesecem
  • This need to come to consoles

    Timothy DalyTimothy DalyPred mesecem
  • Nice COD 1 Remake

    hboihboiPred mesecem
  • I wish this game was on consoles and cross platform a man could dream

    Deion GoldsmithDeion GoldsmithPred mesecem
  • I didn't know they had PRRs in WW2. How can you hear those other guys?

    Harry FordHarry FordPred mesecem
  • The game is still kinda realistic in game play but still lacks in graphics details if i compare it with Battlefield 1 or 5 for example. Battlefield 1 is my favorite of them all

    VendPrekmurecVendPrekmurecPred mesecem
    • Yes it’s an indie game, do you know what that means?

      RKezzaRKezzaPred mesecem
  • What bfv should have been

    AugustusAugustusPred mesecem
  • The fps still is crap, and varies wildly.. Depends on the map, but it needs a lot more optimization. love the game though!

    Hendrik DerudderHendrik DerudderPred mesecem
  • Love love this game!

    Sin of GluttonySin of GluttonyPred mesecem
  • I accidentally killed a friendly because I couldn’t see an icon that far like jack experience but I got immediately banned for 2 hours lol

    Sandis TwoyoungmenSandis TwoyoungmenPred mesecem
  • Have you tried Beyond the wire?

    Josh MealerJosh MealerPred mesecem
  • Does the game have bullet drop? It looks amazing !

    Daniel ClimentDaniel ClimentPred mesecem
  • Better than battlefield

    Dari SnoopDari SnoopPred mesecem
  • Full Roger Federer'd.... Is he saying he was made into swiss cheese?!?

    Calvin WilksCalvin WilksPred mesecem
  • I’m getting flash backs

    Justin LueraJustin LueraPred mesecem
  • what game is this?

    NattyBizzleNattyBizzlePred mesecem
  • In only 1 minute and 29 seconds in and I'm cant breath from laughed at the so causal "hosed....ruined....ruined...hosed...ah get fucked" lol

    EpicEvilMonster12EpicEvilMonster12Pred mesecem
  • They didn't call it "Hitler's butthole" for nothin

    TheJacksfilmsTheJacksfilmsPred mesecem
  • You guys think I can run this on a 300 prebuilt pc or nahhh

    Robert-SRobert-SPred mesecem
  • "LunarBear gave me one" "'course he did" xD

    TreyarkOnPCTreyarkOnPCPred mesecem
  • This game looks cool, if only it was on console.

    Christian MChristian MPred mesecem
  • The Hurtgen Forrest map looks "freaking amazing now" :)

    k24skink24skinPred mesecem
  • Amazing!

    ProfDrUZIProfDrUZIPred mesecem
  • Tommy is hilarious :)

    rory kinahanrory kinahanPred mesecem
  • 4:07 you killed that guys accidently xD

    MostafaMostafaPred mesecem
  • If you play 7:02 at 0.25x speed you can see that your team mate was inches away from taking your bullets in the head haha

    NachNachPred mesecem
  • a played this game with a marine, holy shit he was good.

    AngryGam3rAngryGam3rPred mesecem
  • All that effort to "killed a friendly" haha

    Nin9211Nin9211Pred mesecem
  • Man this is why I need a pc. Looks like a great time and such a great looking game

    Will JessoWill JessoPred mesecem
  • 2:42 I felt like I really shot a machine gun and my heart felt it

    LucasWetsonLucasWetsonPred mesecem
  • Yes, mmg sweatlord lives

    Uncle BiggsUncle BiggsPred mesecem
  • Jack you need to do more Post Scriptum content with the SDK release :D

    Jaques CrusteauJaques CrusteauPred mesecem
  • I would like see Jack try out Post Scriptum more, but it might be too "hardcore" and “difficult” for him.

    Daiwei QinDaiwei QinPred mesecem
  • Cool Video greetings form the Hürtgenwald ;)

    PacPacPred mesecem
  • To anyone who has had some issues with HLL about playability find a solid group/clan to play with. It makes it leagues better playing with a cooperative group.

    BotheredNickelBotheredNickelPred mesecem
  • Just looks like your running in treacle puts me off buying the game

    X_Lawson_XX_Lawson_XPred mesecem
  • you can't beat the MG42 great gun

    Spitfire-and#1Spitfire-and#1Pred mesecem
  • "Theres no icon" lmao

    Alexander kjellbergAlexander kjellbergPred mesecem
  • More hell let loose vids! This makes me wanna get a pc just to play hell let loose, i wish Battlefield was more like this

    Allleballle 1Allleballle 1Pred mesecem
    • @qwerty30013 true but i said "i wish"

      Allleballle 1Allleballle 1Pred mesecem
    • Battlefield never claimed to be a simulator or a tactical shooter. And there’s a reason battlefield makes $$ and this kind of game doesn’t

      qwerty30013qwerty30013Pred mesecem
  • the problem is the graphic

    JasMusicJasMusicPred mesecem
  • Yes about time he’ll let loose

    Chris DailyChris DailyPred mesecem
  • What game?

    Tabor WhiteheadTabor WhiteheadPred mesecem
  • This games spotting mechanic is way better than squads, it looks like.

    TikiShootahTikiShootahPred mesecem
  • Post Scriptum pls

    Harry PurvisHarry PurvisPred mesecem