Playing on the World's fastest Gaming Monitor... 360hz !

7. dec. 2020
247 325 Ogledi

Playing on a 360hz Gaming Monitor is a crazy experience! It has really cool tech that can measure input lag on your mouse and PC. The ASUS PG259QNR 360hz. Thanks to Nvidia for Sponsoring. Learn more about Reflex here - Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

  • that monitor stand is low key infuriating

    Michael FrameMichael FramePred dnevom
  • Im a big ROG fan boy and im saving up for this monitor and the ROG chariot. I've already seen warzone played @ 200 fps on rtx 2080 ti , would love to see warzone @ 300 fps and higher.

    Krazy killar47Krazy killar47Pred dnevom
  • Is this better than acer predator xb323u? In anyone’s opinion?

    Brandon CetouteBrandon CetoutePred 2 dnevi
  • 1080P is ghetto

    R TellyR TellyPred 4 dnevi
  • Christmas tree gives you extra FPS

    ToastmanToastmanPred 6 dnevi
  • Is it 4k?

    Jeggur KnightJeggur KnightPred 7 dnevi
  • cool

    William KalagayanWilliam KalagayanPred 10 dnevi
  • K

    Michael JordanMichael JordanPred 10 dnevi
  • 360hz but with the exception of being 24 inch & 1080p.

    JeyVGamingJeyVGamingPred 10 dnevi
    • 360hz wouldnt make sense on a 1440p+ panel, nor would it make sense on a 1080 27"+ panel.

      krobeNkrobeNPred 9 dnevi
  • 360hz is entirely unnecessary

    JonahJonahPred 11 dnevi
  • the colors look washed out and pale

    Hashem FathiHashem FathiPred 11 dnevi
  • I would have liked to see you testing this with Cyberpunk 2077 :)

    XxmicrospartanxXXxmicrospartanxXPred 12 dnevi
  • Too small, I'll rather get a 4k tv 120 hz lg nano

    Mad BoiMad BoiPred 12 dnevi
  • Warzone barely goes above 240fps at lowest settings

    Samin ChowdhurySamin ChowdhuryPred 13 dnevi
  • are you on 1080P with those games 1000FPS!?

    Nero 0Nero 0Pred 14 dnevi
  • Where can you get this mousepad ?

  • More like the worlds smallest monitor lol

    D ManD ManPred 15 dnevi
  • Well made video. Earned my subscription 👍

    Daniel TaDaniel TaPred 17 dnevi
  • Thanks good video for this monitor which i own too - i‘am very happy with it!

    Mappi75Mappi75Pred 19 dnevi
  • Y yo ram aint working?

    Lyric いLyric いPred 20 dnevi
  • Can't find the QNR anywhere to buy more asus bullshit

    Aek_NerdAek_NerdPred 26 dnevi
  • Many ppl can sUrELY afford that monitor plus that gpu...where do you live buddy boy get back 2 earth

    SR933X99SR933X99Pred 26 dnevi
  • "You're going to pay a lot for it." Yeah, I agree.

    Male SensitivityMale SensitivityPred 26 dnevi
  • who wants to see jack just go full geek mode in a vid

    leo Stricklandleo StricklandPred mesecem
  • What video card are you using with this monitor?

    victorolguinvictorolguinPred mesecem
  • Load of bollox, how about they work on making graphics cards cheaper so that we can afford 4K 120hz

    Magneto sphereMagneto spherePred mesecem
  • nvidia inflation has been the most ridiculous thing I've seen probably in tech history on any hot item.

    YouTube CommenterYouTube CommenterPred mesecem
  • it hertz so much

    robscherobschePred mesecem
  • monitor : ASUS PG259QNR 360hz Graphic card : intel hd 3000

    StormiswelStormiswelPred mesecem
  • Console players are like "what is this :O"

    The247OfficialThe247OfficialPred mesecem
  • You may think Asus monitors are good but they are dogshit. They wont even last a year.

    TheGamingBushManTheGamingBushManPred mesecem
  • Thank you

    Thomas BakerThomas BakerPred mesecem
  • Hand Review?

    Free LandFree LandPred mesecem
  • I don't think I could move away from 1440p

    BCBCPred mesecem
  • i rather have a big screen and 60 hz than that

    T&K Gaming NetworkT&K Gaming NetworkPred mesecem
    • 360hz screens 24-48"... google Search 500007679865668 Hits 🤷‍♂️

      AquarelleAquarellePred 14 dnevi
  • I have 2080 ti do you think it can handle 360hz on full hd?

    BlueLeopardMGOBlueLeopardMGOPred mesecem
  • That stand is awful

    Tabula RasaTabula RasaPred mesecem
  • I am purchasing it soon , its expensive , but worth it .

    Krazy killar47Krazy killar47Pred mesecem
  • 1:08 yeah there's no way you're reaching 360 FPS in Hunt Showdown lol

    Daniel WatersDaniel WatersPred mesecem
  • Could you possibly share your monitor settings with me I’m trying to get the best color accuracy and performance as possible I also have this monitor

    Aaron ShullAaron ShullPred mesecem
  • See, high Hz is good and all, but 1080p isn't high enough quality for me. I like the aw2721d monitor, it's 240hz but the quality is 1440p. This is just my personal preference, I know most people like more hz than better quality. Nice video btw! Yeah I know no one asked but IDC 😑

    CCB112CCB112Pred mesecem
  • ok thats how FAR behind even nextgen consoles are. PC's are up to 360hz now..............

    Nyran StantonNyran StantonPred mesecem
    • @krobeN well they kind of are, the consoles dont do 240hz do they? because the 4000 series is going to be double the power of the 3090's , so like always, theyll be way behind very soon.

      Nyran StantonNyran StantonPred 9 dnevi
    • @Nyran Stanton yeah correct. you just debunked your own statement. PCs are not behind next-gen consoles. Glad we can agree on a fact.

      krobeNkrobeNPred 9 dnevi
    • @krobeN i mean 240hz is starting to become standard on pc.

      Nyran StantonNyran StantonPred 9 dnevi
    • and consoles are up to which hz? correct! 120hz.

      krobeNkrobeNPred 9 dnevi
  • not 0.5 ms lol

    jeff fridayjeff fridayPred mesecem
  • at least it should be 1440p

    TrizioTrizioPred mesecem
  • Jack what monitor do u recommend for FPS gaming at 4K and 120hz for ps5

    Craig VeilleuxCraig VeilleuxPred mesecem
    • Theres only 2 monitors for ps5 that do 4k 120hz because it needs to have the hdmi 2.1 port and it's expensive. You should buy 1080p 144hz or 1444p 144hz. For FPS you don't need 4k has you don't notice 4k that much when playing.

      ZKRITTEXZKRITTEXPred mesecem
  • There was a typo. 360hz no, its $360k

    Anonymous 9Anonymous 9Pred mesecem
  • 1080p.. thats cute.

    FilipFilipPred mesecem
  • On most games I dont even get 360 fps with my new rtx 3080

    Max VerstappenMax VerstappenPred mesecem
  • cant decide between 360hz, 240hz dyac+, or 240hz 1440p

    Jon cJon cPred mesecem
  • Bruh

    THEMaNIsWOrTHitTHEMaNIsWOrTHitPred mesecem
  • Probably sounds stupid but I think the stand being off-angle would bother me.

    blindidi0t91blindidi0t91Pred mesecem
    • not stupid, triggers me hard.

      Itz -xRhinoItz -xRhinoPred mesecem
  • Does it work with ps5?

    Lee ArmstrongLee ArmstrongPred mesecem
    • I mean will it work 120hz on a ps5 as alot of monitors wont?

      Lee ArmstrongLee ArmstrongPred mesecem
    • In what sense? You can't have 360hz on console like ps5. You can only have 120hz

      Intense ConductorIntense ConductorPred mesecem
  • Jack!! You should have a store and your store should have an app that allow every order game or pc build from your with world wide shipping!!

    Sasa KokiSasa KokiPred mesecem
  • but warzone cant reach to 360 fps

    Hà Tuấn DũngHà Tuấn DũngPred mesecem
  • If only I can replace my actual sight quality to this lol man

    Enrique FloresEnrique FloresPred mesecem
  • 65" change it for please!!!

    Emanuel VanderhornEmanuel VanderhornPred mesecem
  • Serious Question. If u have a 360hz Monitor. What do you get from those hz when u cant reach the 360fps?

    FireClawFireClawPred mesecem
  • How can I make this monitor more vibrant in warzone?

    Toy soldiersToy soldiersPred mesecem
  • Slowly transitioning to a tech channel. And I'm not mad about it lol

    joe derouinjoe derouinPred mesecem
  • No matter how powerful your pc is, minecraft will always destroys your pc

    RioRiyoRioRiyoPred mesecem
  • What you think about 1440p 240 hz monitor, worth it? Over a 144hz?

    nepukkanepukkaPred mesecem
  • I play on a monitor from 2004

    laxmannate07laxmannate07Pred mesecem
  • *hmm yes the floor here is made of floor*

    james.james.Pred mesecem
  • Can we stop calling it maths. It doesn’t sound right. The word ‘Math’ already encompasses all forms of math.

    HairyBottomHairyBottomPred mesecem
  • Do people play cod on 1080p?

    joe mcginnisjoe mcginnisPred mesecem
  • Lol you fkn nerds.

    Domingo SalafrenzaDomingo SalafrenzaPred mesecem
  • Stupid question, but can this be used for console?

    Sebastian ChristensenSebastian ChristensenPred mesecem
  • What’s that desk ?

    Waffle_king.Waffle_king.Pred mesecem
  • Dude where did you get that mousepad?!

    Matthew WarrenMatthew WarrenPred mesecem
  • Wouldn't a tn pannel be faster???

    EatRipeFruitEatRipeFruitPred mesecem
  • What 1440p monitor you use for warzone?

    Aurélio FigueiraAurélio FigueiraPred mesecem
  • what about xl2546k or xl2546s isnt this one still better

    Jelle DeboevereJelle DeboeverePred mesecem
  • I can’t even afford a decent one 😂😂

    Dz ChowChowDz ChowChowPred mesecem
  • If this monitor supported 4k obviously at a lower refresh I'd love it

    TheAvengedNightmare2TheAvengedNightmare2Pred mesecem
  • Wow! Damn I wish I had cod modern warfare I'm still stuck on ps3 :/

    Squishy Gaming3Squishy Gaming3Pred mesecem
  • No. 15ms response difference is just hardcore and you're stupid if you believe that it matters so much in a game; come on now.

    Mitsuru KirijoMitsuru KirijoPred mesecem
    • It can matter. Not that you'd conciously notice it while playing, but being faster than the enemy ist being faster than the enemy

      KarlKlaus vonSKarlKlaus vonSPred mesecem
  • Here I am at 1080p 60hz

    kobyashikobyashiPred mesecem
  • If it didn't cost 900 bucks I would maybe consider it.

    StraleStralePred mesecem
  • It’s still 1080p 🥱😣 for a $900 screen

    ShawnShawnPred mesecem
  • If you have a 60hz monitor get a 240hz/280hz monitor because there are so many options and the prices are reasonable now, if you have a 144hz+ monitor you don't need to upgrade because of diminishing returns.

    Gregory FernandezGregory FernandezPred mesecem
  • who tf is getting 360 fps

    Alex GilmoreAlex GilmorePred mesecem
  • Yeah Jack that's cool and all but.. how about that Christmas tree

    envy.envy.Pred mesecem
  • anyone noticed fps value on valorant ? ..

    Mustafa ÖztürkMustafa ÖztürkPred mesecem
  • Wait so am i missing something? I thought that the monitors refresh rate was 1ms, but in game he has more that. Or is that a different kind of measurement? Asking cause i seriously don't know.

    Apogiomenos1 1Apogiomenos1 1Pred mesecem
    • KarlKlaus vonS oh yeah, I forgot those numbers were never entirely accurate

      Profile 1Profile 1Pred mesecem
    • @Profile 1 Make that 1ms response time a 2.2 at best. Still mighty impressive though

      KarlKlaus vonSKarlKlaus vonSPred mesecem
    • Well 360 hz means refresh 360 times a second, so 1000ms/360 is ~2.9 ms. Then there is the added response time if 1ms, bringing up to 3.9 ms. After that it is probably CPU processing or something to do with the game adding the extra 5-15 ms of input lag

      Profile 1Profile 1Pred mesecem
  • CO S IR

    Peter SiliePeter SiliePred mesecem
  • Sorry to say but I'm from the future. We got 1 billion hz monitor. 360hz what's that

    Gourav PatnaikGourav PatnaikPred mesecem
  • 360 hz with gsync... LOL

    TheCrayonMan529TheCrayonMan529Pred mesecem
  • how is jackfrags playing while holding the camera ??? 😳

    WetzelWetzelPred mesecem
  • HP Omen X27 Jack. Try it :)

    Geezer GamerGeezer GamerPred mesecem
  • How do I connect it to aura sync

    Kendall MarlowKendall MarlowPred mesecem
  • I was playing on a 729 o tv but I am getting a 144 hz moniter 😊

    ApxApxPred mesecem
  • Where did you get that Mousepad? JackFrags :D

    Zitix!Zitix!Pred mesecem
  • 1440p ftw

    WhoAtePooWhoAtePooPred mesecem
  • All designed to convince people that spending $2500 on a graphics card and $1500 on a monitor, is a normal thing!!

    Brian HBrian HPred mesecem
  • I will say that despite having been a committed pc gamer for thirty five years now no amount of hardware will help my shot reflexes, poor hearing and crap eyesights now I’m in my 50s

    John OlooneyJohn OlooneyPred mesecem
  • The Nvidia FE power cable though -please tell me they sacked the guy responsible for its position

    John OlooneyJohn OlooneyPred mesecem
  • No one is able to buy the damn cards and SLworldsrs just randomly get those with a free monitor as well. Life sucks...

    Heartbeat-PeteHeartbeat-PetePred mesecem
  • Some one clip it and send it to the Doc he needs this lol

    daniel martinezdaniel martinezPred mesecem
  • What sense does it make if the refresh rate of the monitor is bigger than the fps of the graphics card? EDIT: Wait, what? The RTX 3090 yields almost 400 fps in Warzone? :O

    JanJanPred mesecem
  • Me with a 75hz monitor watching this video...

    Dener RibeiroDener RibeiroPred mesecem