Call of Duty Warzone changes Forever...

13. dec. 2020
834 504 Ogledi

COD Warzone Season 1 starts next week and it will change the game drastically. Let's discuss the new map, guns, attack chopper and more! Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

  • The map in the beging is in mobile at the name Alcatraz

    ahmed gamalahmed gamalPred mesecem
  • The new update has ruined the game, rebirth is mini royale which is pants. The whole feel has changed, graphics are off, weapon integration has been abysmal and there have been no changes to verdansk. Oh yeah and why would there be a mini nuketown in a gulag???

    AveragegamerAveragegamerPred mesecem
  • anyone want to be my friend?

    Simple HealthSimple HealthPred mesecem
  • This update broke the game for me. It launches then immediately crashes without any error messages

    Brendan LoweBrendan LowePred mesecem
  • Death of the game for me. I've quit and downloaded Battlefield 4 today and wow, what a game still! Bring on the BF in 2021. Always viewed COD as for kids and BF as for grown ups. Been enjoying WZ so far but with Cold War coming in its ruined it for me.

    James PlummerJames PlummerPred mesecem
  • The new “gulag” is fucking awful. Bring back the original as I spend a lot of time in there 😂

    KristofKristofPred mesecem
  • Is this only on ps5?

    BLUE YOU'BLUE YOU'Pred mesecem
  • Is split screen coming?

    Akshay MsAkshay MsPred mesecem
  • are they keeping the modern warfare engine?

    blu indicablu indicaPred mesecem
  • Who else gets a glitch where you get a load out and can’t move after ???

    MagnetarMagnetarPred mesecem
  • Fu** warzone all my homies play Multiplayer... MW2019 MP cause BOCW sucks

    Bedi OBedi OPred mesecem
  • I think they should as urzikstan from the mw storyline as a new warzone map

    Rabbid GrizzlyRabbid GrizzlyPred mesecem
  • keep it up

    Avil GeorgescuAvil GeorgescuPred mesecem
  • My expierience with Rebirth island is that I've been killed already three times by invisible people.

    Kamilovsky365Kamilovsky365Pred mesecem
  • I hope m16 gets in game

    dog wfldog wflPred mesecem
  • Why am i seeing this now ?

    Perplexed 909Perplexed 909Pred mesecem
  • Here from the future. The update effin sucks

    Carl SzoykaCarl SzoykaPred mesecem
  • Game is shit, hit reg is ass and makes sniping literally worthless, One of the main reasons I'm going back to Bf5 because at least THEY know how Sniping works and how to make a Sniper rifle effective.

    GOD OF HATEGOD OF HATEPred mesecem
  • garbage update. literally the same thing just to take up more space. we had that island before.they need a total different map already.

    Diyar KokuDiyar KokuPred mesecem
  • But... Are they fixing the shitty netcode?

    DaisectDaisectPred mesecem
  • No need for these new weapons on Warzone Stupid Update

  • BO4 Blackout map >>> Alcatraz Island. constant respawns isn’t a BR... that’s TDM with a twist but I’ll get used to it Prop Hunt and Gunfight in Cold War is amazing though.

    Campbell464Campbell464Pred mesecem
  • The amount of Gigabytes this game is taking is Histerical

    John AkridgeJohn AkridgePred mesecem
  • Look at you with tha R9 and double stunned a guy in a 2v1 lol

    Devin BurgessDevin BurgessPred mesecem
  • So anyone know if I get access to Cold War guns even if I dont have Modern Warfare?

    Judas TannhauserJudas TannhauserPred mesecem
  • Stupid video wait till the game comes out. Watch this video after u played shoes how he just wants $$$$ from videos

    Pie 4lifePie 4lifePred mesecem
  • maybe the big easter egg will be showing you the patent that "alters your aim accuracy" or "makes a players hitbox larger"

    WetworkWetworkPred mesecem
  • Changes forever 😂 it’s exactly the same with some guns that feel like water pistols added in. It’s yet another massive disappointment

    GammonDwarfGammonDwarfPred mesecem
  • Its a nightmare already rpd, certificate of death, the orzga my God its ridiculous

    MeanBentayga1 252MeanBentayga1 252Pred mesecem
  • The Cold War guns just ruined war zone they are way to OP

    HypeBeast 101HypeBeast 101Pred mesecem
  • People talking about campers.. if you think camping will give you the win why won’t you camp? And if you think camping should not allowed why are you even playing a game that allows it ?

    Damianos DimitrisDamianos DimitrisPred mesecem
  • I am from warzone update and it is so cool there is no bike just to let u know

    Mr. GikaMr. GikaPred mesecem
  • Sounds like a massive download for my dial-up connection. I’m looking forward to playing this in 3 years!

    JordanJordanPred mesecem
    • get with the times bro

      madness tingtingmadness tingtingPred mesecem
  • I just want warzone to be included in Cold War. I don’t have space to keep 2 games downloaded.

    WafflelappenWafflelappenPred mesecem
  • sorry warzone, its been an honour but now you're uninstalled

    HackzHunterHackzHunterPred mesecem
  • jesus christ some of them guys are faster with shooting then the game can registrate the points if you know what i mean...looks like the game is running behind the facts hahahaha

  • I want a beer with Jack asap

    Step ReidStep ReidPred mesecem
  • Algorithm yes

    BloodyPurgeBloodyPurgePred mesecem
  • The numbers mason. 😂

    TasticTasticPred mesecem
  • what about mw mp ? nothing? really? -__-

    DovixDovixPred mesecem
  • Ehen he promotes to support other creators too!! Some quality human over there... Subbed

    K PhK PhPred mesecem
  • My ps4 allready shaking from the gigs it has to download

    AnuarAnuarPred mesecem
  • Youre a cheater so evident

    Quentin AssieQuentin AssiePred mesecem
  • Just started the download, hope to get it in time for Christmas Day :)

    Craig LockCraig LockPred mesecem
  • Is it just me or does anyone think that this war zone might turn into a Fortnite type scenario?

    youhavetrenchfootyouhavetrenchfootPred mesecem
  • they literally implanted a battlepass to MW with content you can’t usw in MW...

    im that dudeim that dudePred mesecem
  • Nice Aim Assist Controller gameplay🤣

    SmissSmissPred mesecem
  • Will there be Juggernsuts 💪🏾

    RivalRivalPred mesecem
  • I dont' doubt it, the bikes were in the beta

    DoomTrainDoomTrainPred mesecem
  • Where do i goto get jackfrags creater code in a video

    power alphagamingpower alphagamingPred mesecem
  • the map is definitely stale. i dont even play it anymore. at least offer day/night cycles. even Tarkov does that.

    Raif NationRaif NationPred mesecem
  • FOV, xbox series x ! ? !

    Manuel FennerManuel FennerPred mesecem
  • I’m gonna be spamming my triggers in the interrogation room

    Jake sweigardJake sweigardPred mesecem
  • I love you frags I really do, your voice is especially great but now every time I hear you say call of duty, I hear call of gruty

    Micky PicklesMicky PicklesPred mesecem
  • I know this video is about the WZ update but Aculite getting ran over at 1:25 gave me quite the laugh

    YoshiYoshiPred mesecem
  • I hope they fix some fps drops

    George Dan Gil DuranGeorge Dan Gil DuranPred mesecem
  • Will MW be receiving a new season?

    Navin NNavin NPred mesecem
  • Who still remembers the cod rap battle with boyinaband? Childhood memorys.. You killed it bruv love ur videos🤙

    RiiDiXRiiDiXPred mesecem
  • But yet I still run into hackers

    House,ghouse,tech houseHouse,ghouse,tech housePred mesecem
  • Are they using the MW engine because Cold War looks like dogshit

    James PhamJames PhamPred mesecem
  • Will there be FOV FOR CONSOLE

    zYSNz TvzYSNz TvPred mesecem
  • You can tell Jack hasn't played the cold war campaign... "nova six is a big part of the cold War campaign" smh... You lost credibility with me Jack

    Zachary ParoneZachary ParonePred mesecem
  • Are the modern warfare weapons being removed and replaced with the Cold War guns or will people still be able to use the fire shotguns?

    HaveFaithHaveFaithPred mesecem
  • Jug being removed because everyone is asking for this

    Dante GallantDante GallantPred mesecem
  • Tired of noobs and jug suits? Well get ready for the attack choppers....... I would rather cut my nuts of and set myself on fire than try another round of warzone........ would rather just dominate multiplayer lobbies

    Thomas MearingThomas MearingPred mesecem
  • Are they adding footsteps to the game ? Unlike warzone right now😭

    Para RezKoPara RezKoPred mesecem
  • So no Anti Cheat another worthless update.

    Alex GiordanoAlex GiordanoPred mesecem
  • Game is literally unplayable..... 3 man juggernaut hit squad in every quads match and the camping is just in real....

    Thomas MearingThomas MearingPred mesecem
  • Frags knows the new guns

    travitraviPred mesecem
  • Who will be as surprised as I am when the new meta will be weapons from Cold War you cannot level in MW multiplayer? Or maybe a little "broken" gun from Cold War even?

    Der LANDVOGTDer LANDVOGTPred mesecem
  • I liked this video.

    Tim VolstadTim VolstadPred mesecem
  • Epstein didn't kill himself.

    Tony HolsenbeckTony HolsenbeckPred mesecem
  • I cant see how people mindlessly play this game over and over and over again. The same shit different day. It really is laughable. Uninstalled that storage rapist not long ago

    The HighlanderThe HighlanderPred mesecem
  • I hope playing in verdansk is still an option though

    Modern NorsemanModern NorsemanPred mesecem
  • COD is taking big Ls with these ideas

    Ben ZBen ZPred mesecem
  • Will the new map be using mw engine or cold war?

    Andrew CastilloAndrew CastilloPred mesecem
    • Mw

      Modern NorsemanModern NorsemanPred mesecem
  • But is the map going to change on modern warfare ps4

    Nini bouletNini bouletPred mesecem
  • For the attack heli, it should take your rifle ammo

    WOLFDawg 606WOLFDawg 606Pred mesecem
  • What sucks is you can’t take the new weapons into at least modern warfare private matches so you can test the guns yourself if you don’t have cold war

    Battlefield4life48Battlefield4life48Pred mesecem
  • Fix DB rounds, remove Jugs from Warzone, change Verdansk up. I don’t see why we shouldn’t just have 150 players on rebirth anyways would make for some chaotic gameplay. Disappointed the map isn’t even that big really

    Battlefield4life48Battlefield4life48Pred mesecem
  • Oh man the new weapons

    Lucien LeonardiLucien LeonardiPred mesecem
  • Nova 6 Literally has nothing to do with the Cold War Campaign..

    KableGamingKableGamingPred mesecem
  • 7 rings

    Cristian NunezCristian NunezPred mesecem
  • How does it change? Its a new map lol. You can still select the original map mode

    D CD CPred mesecem
  • Are we allowed to delete our modern warfare once we update Warzone with Cold War?

    S NS NPred mesecem
  • I didnt know you could explore laboritrees

    Richard RobertsRichard RobertsPred mesecem
  • Look at mobile to see what the are gonna do. Mobile is like a beta.

    illougal nationillougal nationPred mesecem
  • i was hoping they will change main map... so dissapointed

    Its FunIts FunPred mesecem
  • Nice , another 3000 gb patch

    HippoX69HippoX69Pred mesecem
  • Yeah it’s about to become an unplayable mess... not even considering the juggernaut glitch bs happening to this day

    D3THD33LRD3THD33LRPred mesecem
  • ALSO COMING:More Cheeters,more Console players with controler Strike Packs and modded controlers,more bugs,more unblacanced weapons, more game disconections, more whole lobby using same loadouts,more killed by player with a gun with 0 recoil at 150 M,more "cant join the Squad",more "Best Loadout in warzone,must try",more "you must use this optic"

    Vanja MileticVanja MileticPred mesecem
  • Hey I always love watching Jackfrags info for Warzone content. Love you bro!! I seriously appreciate the information.

    Christopher WileyChristopher WileyPred mesecem
  • Is there a new season battle pass?

    CoLFCCoLFCPred mesecem
  • What new map? its just Alcatraz from blackops 4: blackout

    M15TRXM15TRXPred mesecem
    • Supposedly the map you’re seeing it’s jus for a new gamemode but the actual map we got rn is the one we’re going to get again w new map changes....supposedly as in rumors

      lIlIlIlIlIlIPred mesecem
  • They should change the fire shout gun meta

    daniel valledaniel vallePred mesecem
  • They should have crazy snow storms/ snow fall throughout the whole map during winter season

    Suuuh DewdSuuuh DewdPred mesecem
  • Lol I think ur the first I've heard that says: if you dont use mine, consider someone else's. Very thoughtful

    Jimin van der HeijdeJimin van der HeijdePred mesecem
  • Concerning the new guns, I assume that some if not many of them are simple reskinned versions of the original ones, i.e. the AK; the M4, etc. etc. I hope that they´re taking a look at the AUG again with this patch, since its AR config massively underperforms against other loadouts. 556 ammo should be the default loadout and shouldn´t have as much recoil as it does now.

    NotDumbassableNotDumbassablePred mesecem
  • So is Cold war gonna have verdansk with cold war experience as well as the new warzone or are we just getting rebirth island? (Sorry if this confuses u, I'm just confused myself.)

    NUK3ZYNUK3ZYPred mesecem
  • Fix dev error please😂

    Donny FebrianDonny FebrianPred mesecem